The world outside our windows is overflowing with stories. The light and rain pouring through rapidly changing skyscapes intersect with human creation at the roads bustling with people and cars, and the city contains the whole mix of sounds and air fluctuations created by these things. Sensors capture all motion visible through the window, and the pump begins to move via the control device constructed in the studio.
Alongside the sound of the pump, the water inside the tube begins to flow, and it runs out through the hose attached to the ceiling onto the studio floor, into pots and glass bottles; the water on the studio floor, in the pots, and in the glass bottles is then scooped back up.
These events are taking place in different areas, but quietly resonate with each other. The machines react inorganically to the organic changes taking place, and the water mixes with the organic objects in the room as it circulates.

Photo : Masaki Ogawa
Engineer : Yusuke Saitoh